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Joining an industry related association is key to successful networking.  It's where you go to meet other people in the business, make contacts with people who work at companies you are interested in working at, and most importantly keep up to date with the latest news and information on the industry.

Adding a section on your resume called "Professional Associations" makes you look like a true professional who is concerned with keeping in the know of all things related to the field.  It shows that you're always networking, involved in industry events and learning about what's going on in the media world.

Here you can find a comprehensive list of television and media related organizations as well as key websites and publications that keep you abreast of industry news.  Most association websites have “jobs’ sections.  Most also offer student memberships.  The dues are usually greatly reduced for students.  Volunteer to work their events to make connections and attend events for free.  ​​Visit our individual pages for the most popular associations.  We provide a description of the organization and related information such as membership requirements and membership fees.  You'll find links to their websites so you can join and learn about sponsored events, conferences and membership benefits.

                                                           TV & Media Websites and Job Search sites

Good Sites to post your resume: (aggregator site- Not specific to media but highly recommended) (
aggregator site- Not specific to media but highly recommended)] (freelance)


                                                                          Check out the following websites:  For Freelance production jobs look under “crews”.

Company Specific Websites: (Includes all it’s Properties) (Includes all it’s properties such as ABC)  (includes BET, MTV & Paramount) (Includes all properties such as Fox)  (CBS)

Media  Associations
National Academy of Arts and Sciences

Online News Association


American Marketing Association

International Radio and Television Society  
Women in Cable Telecommunications

Digital Media Association

American Women in Radio and Television
International Association for Entertainment Marketing Professionals.
Cable Center
Direct Marketing Association
New York Women in Film and Television   


Diversity Associations
National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in Communications
National Association for Hispanic Journalists
National Association for Black Journalists
Native American Journalists Association
Color Bars


Networking Events Search for groups/events related to media or sponsored by your target companies.
Promax - Annual
Unity - Once Every 4 Years
NAMIC  Conferences, networking events, job fairs and seminars throughout the year.
NATAS - Conferences and workshops throughout the year.
                                        - Various monthly events.  Subscribe to their e-newsletter for daily advisories.

" Tap into the TV and Media Careers network,
where your network can be your networth
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