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Delia Camasca-Former TV Correspondent

On-Camera sample. Correspondent, producer and writer. 

Delia is an Emmy Award  winning TV correspondent and producer.  She's worked for Univision, Telemundo, WPIX-TV and PBS in New York City.

This is a  sample of a piece I produced for Technology Satellite News and a daily science and technology news show that was feed out via satellite to subcribers all over the world.  I was not only the on-camera correspondent but, producer and writer.  This is part one of a 4 part series on the New York International Automobile Show highlighting the latest in automotive technology for thatyear.  Shot in one day and produced over a teo week period.  I secured all b-roll, wrote the script, chose the music and made all editing decisions.  The program was so popular that it was chosen as a demo for promoting the company's services to potential subscribers.

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