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TV Media Careers was created to provide industry specific career information, networking opportunities, coaching services, find jobs and industry events.  Whether you're a student seeking basic career information, a recent graduate looking to break into the business, an experienced professional exploring new opportunities or looking to network with other pros, TV Media Careers is the place to come for all things media.

We offer industry specific career coaching services by people who understand the business.  What’s unique about us is that all coaches are seasoned pros from all aspects of media. We match you up with a coach who has no less than 5 years of professional media experience in any of the following fields: television, new media/web, marketing, social media, creative, advertising, public relations, and journalism.

Clients are matched with professionals from the area of media they are seeking career advice in.  Clients work one-on-one with coaches that are experts in their field and can guide your job search specifically to your area of interest because they “get it”.  Our coaches know the challenges, lingo, and what it’s like to be there.  

Students, recent college graduates and professionals in transition can visit our Career Info tab for job descriptions, required skills, education, industry outlook, salary expectations and a plethora of pertinent job information that can help you plan your career path.

Interested in general job search advice, media industry information or just need to reacquaint yourself with job search techniques?  Then check out our Articles tab to access our database of articles. You’ll find articles on resume writing, interviewing, working the web, getting noticed on applicant tracking systems, networking and industry specific guidelines, written by media corporate recruiters that can give you insight on how to get in the door.

Looking for a job?  Visit our Jobs tab to find postings for openings at media companies.  Find job descriptions, company info and links to each company’s website and apply directly for job openings.

Want to know what media events are coming? Looking to network?  Then visit the Events tab to find a calendar of upcoming industry specific events, with links to event websites so you can register.

Need information about media related professional associations?  Visit our Associations tab for a list of media associations and descriptions.

So if you’re looking to break into media or a seasoned pro looking for new opportunities TV Media Careers is your “one stop” to find career information.

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